Monday, March 29, 2010

How cool is Lyons? It's not only a haven for mountain bikers and kayakers, but it's also a green town

This Boulder Daily Camera article that was published today is just great. It discusses how various businesses and organizations have made Lyons one of the more environmentally friendly towns in the area. The only thing the writer forgot to include in her opening description of who lives in Lyons is the HARD CORE ADVENTURE ATHLETES. We've got world class kayakers, climbers, and mountain bikers.

Read on...

Some people in Lyons think the town's size -- about 1,600 people -- its location -- 20 miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park -- and its mix of artists, young families, professionals, businesses and nonprofits has the potential to create a model for a green community.

"(People believe) we need to do something," says Mindy Tallent, who owns the Stone Cup coffee shop with her husband, Sam. "A lot of new people are coming to town, some new businesses. More of the population is aware of the problems. They want to be part of the solution."

The shop, which emphasizes green practices and community, has served as a gathering place for many Lyons residents.

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