Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ashley Davis Photos of the Lyons Outdoor Games

I still have more results to post. In the meantime, here are more photos by our LOG photographer, Ashley Davis.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dirt Jump Comp video

I put together a short video of the dirt jump comp, but then was sent a link to this really cool video. I'll post mine... later... maybe. Next year I'll have a proper video camera.

According to the main organizer, Glenn Bell of Bitterbrush Cycles, "The bike events were a huge success and a lot of fun. We had at least 400 spectators at the dirt jumps and Pump Track alone. What made this such a success is all of the people behind it. The dirt jump competitors threw it down. The Pump Track competition was the 1st annual. We had about 13 people competing in that event, and I believe 10 in the dirt jumps. We should all give ourselves a pat on the back and have smiles on our faces!"


This blog sponsored by the Lyons Outdoor Games

More results Dog Competition and Chainsaw Carving

Dog Competition Results

1. Houligan (Owner: Ashley Ahrens, Lyons, CO)
2. Siler (Owner: Alli Bozeman, Lyons, CO)
3. Jessi (Owner: Ryan & Jayne, Boulder, CO)
4. Cody (Ryan & Jayne, Boulder, CO)

Dirt Jump
1. Matt Cordova
2. Honorable mention Nick Simcick who landed a back flip after many attempts.

Pump Track
1. John Watt
2. Brandon Turman
3. Will Mc

Chainsaw Carving Comp
1st Place Steve Higgins – Native American and an eagle
2nd Place Joe Hense – Mountain Lion and an Eagle

More photos to come later this week.

Monday, June 15, 2009

LOG Photo's from

Check out what came from behind Eddie's lens HERE.

Lyons Outdoor Games 2009 a big success (photos below)

Despite the bad weather forecasts around the Front Range, we enjoyed perfect temps and no rain both Saturday and Sunday for the 7th annual Lyons Outdoor Games. This was by far the biggest and best event the Town of Lyons has held with between 2,500 and 3,000 people attending.

According to one of the organizers of the kayak events, Marty Cronin of Jackson Kayaks, "It was well attended and sponsored, and I believe the community really saw a great time, so that, to me, is a thumbs up!” The event, he added, was a great boon for the community.

“We have seen the cadet rodeo (kids’ freestyle kayaking). grow 100% each year, from four kids to 13 or 14” Cronin stated. “The cadet rodeo is one of the really important aspects of this event. We have the opportunity to see kids get into the sport and develop skills early on. The real pros in the world all started on the water when they were five and 10 years old. Our plan is, five or 10 years from now, to have a whole new crew of teenagers just ripping. We are super excited to see all this starting to come together at the Lyons Outdoor Games.”

Both the kayak and the bike elements of the Games are hugely positive for both the Lyons and the greater Front Range community.

“Kids winning boats are the ones coming back, and they are bringing their friends,” Cronin stated. “They are having a damn good time, and parents talking to parents. Things are starting to snowball. I’m seeing it in just three years since we’ve been involved.”

Chad Melis of Oskar Blues agreed. “Though there weren’t a huge number of kids competing, the new pump track and dirt jumps were built so that both adults and kids could progress,” he explained. “Using the Games as a way to leverage and create that park is going to pay off in the long term as far as getting kids the skills to participate in the future and have fun on their bikes.”

This is really a huge success story, he added. “We have a $150K skills bike park that we got for just a few thousand dollars (because of volunteer support and sponsorship.,” Melis stated. “The town will benefit, the bike shops will benefit, and the community will benefit.”

Full slalom results and partial creek boat/freestyle results

Adam Barron Memorial South Saint Vrain Creek Boat Race
1. Tao Berman
2. Pat Keller
3. Brian Kirk

Women's Pro Freestyle
1. Emily jackson
2. Ruth gordon
3. Elaine

Men's Pro Freestyle
1. Steven Wright
2. Nick Troutman
3. Brian Kirk

Cadet Rodeo
1. Alec Banderhoof
2. Sage Donnelly
3. Paul Palmer

Slalom Races
1. Steve Isenberg -- 119.78
2. Jp Griffeth2 -- 125.82
3. Alex Dodge -- 128.72
4. Griff Griffeth -- 135.13

1. Scott Shipley -- 100.37
2. Griff Griffeth -- 108.47
3. Alex Dodge2 -- 109
4. Will Grubb -- 112.37
5. JP Griffeth -- 118.47
6. Henry Hyman -- 119.66
7. Lamar Simms -- 128.75
8. Tyler Newton -- 139.87
9. Jack Heyman -- 142.16
10. Henry Hyde -- 159.84
11. Marshall McQuillen -- 161.19
12. Max Karlsson -- 267

1. Emily Jackson -- 123.44
2. Lauren Buress -- 134.34
3. Sarah Dodge -- 135.13
4. Sage Donnelly -- 154.94
5. Emily Grubb -- 243.78
6. Samatha Cole Johnson -- 334.59

Age Group Results:

C1 - Junior (17 – 18)
1. Jp Griffeth2 -- 125.82
2. Griff Griffeth -- 135.13
C1 - Open (19 – 29)
1. Steve Isenberg -- 119.78
2. Alex Dodge -- 128.72

K1 - Cadet (16 and under)
1. Henry Hyman -- 119.66
2. Jack Heyman -- 142.16
3. Henry Hyde -- 159.84
4. Marshall McQuillen -- 161.19
5. Max Karlsson -- 267

K1 - Junior (17 – 18)
1. Griff Griffeth -- 108.47
2. Will Grubb -- 112.37
3. JP -- 118.47

K1 - Open (19 – 29)
1. Scott Shipley -- 100.37
2. Alex Dodge2 -- 109
3. Lamar Simms -- 128.75
4. Tyler Newton -- 139.87

K1-W - Cadet (16 and under)
1. Lauren Buress -- 134.34
2. Sage Donnelly -- 154.94
3. Emily Grubb -- 243.78

K1-W - Junior (17 – 18)
1. Sarah Dodge -- 135.13
2. Samatha Cole Johnson -- 334.59

K1-W - Open (19 – 29)
1. Emily Jackson -- 123.44

Thanks to all our awesome sponsors for supporting this event:

Town of Lyons
Oskar Blues (Lyons local)
Smith Optics
Spot Bicycles
Jackson Kayaks
Laughing Grizzly
Yellow Designs Stunt Team
Fluid Kayaks
Bitterbrush Cycles (Lyons local)
A Spice of Life (Lyons local)
Blue Sky Mortgage Company (Lyons local)
Ideal Market
Sierra Designs
Hatrock Excavating (Lyons local)
Bella Energy
Elevation Outdoors
Mountain Buzz
Leave No Trace
River Gypsies
Blue Mountain Stone (Lyons local)
Vitamin Water
Outdoor Divas
Alpine Sports
Flappy's Print Shop
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen
Barking Dog Cafe
USA Freestyle Kayaking
The Lyons Recorder (Lyons local)
Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists
Planet Bluegrass
Monster energy drinks
Cronin Jewelers
Boss Hogg Enterprises

Lyons Outdoor Games 2009 a big success--PHOTOS

Marty Cronin and Scott Young chat with kayakers about the course. Watch for more photos of Boater X later this week.

The new Lyons Bike Park will help train future Lyons Outdoor Games competitors.

Maya Bassford and Ignacio Fleishour participate in the river cleanup sponsored by Lyons-based catering company, A Spice of Life. Dan Bruckner, company owner, sponsored a delicious, fresh food breakfast for people who participated. He also sponsored the zero-waste aspect of the event, along with Scott Young, of local company, Blue Sky Mortgage.

A helicopter was brought in to dry the pump track and dirt jumps for the comp. It worked.

Steven Wright brightened everyone's day with his superb skills (he won the pro-freestyle kayak event) and his constant smile.

LOG short track competitors readying for the race.

The chainsaw carving event was one of the newest and coolest events of the Games. The detail on these carvings were awesome. I had no idea these guys were so incredible. Kudos to Bongo Love for putting this aspect of the Games together. I'll put more photos up later this week.

Adam, Amy, AJ Schwartz and mom. Amy and Adam organized the Games in 2008 and the Canine Cannonball in 2009.
Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors for promoting such a great event!

Lyons Outdoor Games Short Track Bike results

This year's Lyons Outdoor Games bike events were a big success with large crowds and plenty of talent.

According to Chad Melis of Oskar Blues, there were 17 participants for the bike short track race.

"It was our first event and there was a national event occurring the same weekend in Colorado Springs, but despite that we thought it was a success," Melis stated. "Racers really liked the course, and most asked if we would have additional short track and cyclocross events in the future. The terrain behind the Lyons High School is great for these sorts of races. We hope this event was something we can build on." The race earned the Town of Lyons about $200 and cost nothing to run because of volunteer efforts.

The dirt jump comp, he added, also went really well. "We had some really high quality jumpers there. The crowd was excited about it. It translated to a good event." For more information on the Dirt Jump comp, please revisit the blog tomorrow. I have posted one video of the event today.

Short Track Race Results:

Men's A (6 Laps)
1. Michael Hosey = $65
2. Brian Fuentes = $35
3. Chad Melis
4. Sean Madson
5. Neil Miner
6. Josh Kravitz
7. Zach White
8. Tim Leahy
9. Dan Farrell

Women's A (5 Laps)
1. Dellys Starr = $25
2. Jen Gersbach = $15
3. Monique Hein
4. Kim Pardoe

Men's B (5 Laps)
1. Scott Hicar
2. Hippie Dave Gardiner
3. Dylan Donohoe
4. Doug Mers

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Awesome second day for Lyons Outdoor Games

The second day of the Lyons Outdoor Games was awesome, with a great showing for all the events. The BMX bike comp was especially exciting, with riders doing back flips and all sorts of other tricks (sorry I don't know the names). Music emanated from Sandstone Park all day, while spectators from throughout the Front Range enjoyed NO RAIN! It was a gorgeous day, and likely we will have another one today. It's sunny with nary a cloud. Today's events include some pretty amazing chain saw carving exhibitions. Forrest, one of the competitors, said that the competition was the best he'd ever been to, with incredibly talented artists. I'll put some photos up tonight, along with photos of the kayaking and bike events that took place yesterday and today.
Hope to see you out for the last day of the Lyons Outdoor Games! There's still plenty of beer left, and bands will be playing in Sandstone Park all day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet footage of the Adam Barron Memorial South Saint Vrain Creek Race

The day is gorgeous, and the Games got a jump start this morning with sunshine and a lot of psyched athletes. Thanks to Ideal Market for supplying the fresh, organic apples and bananas that helped the athletes and volunteers start their morning right.

A few hundred people are lining the shores of our ponds for the Canine Cannonball (look for photos Monday, Tuesday), and the kayaking kicked off with a fantastic, exciting race. Plenty of locals (Lyons-Boulder-Denver area) competed (go Scott Young!) alongside the likes of Tao Berman. Berman said he had just come out of a bout with mono, but that didn't stop him from charging down the river. Fun stuff to watch. I got some sweet footage of him from the top of the Oskar Blues bus (don't tell). Yeehoo. I should have some video footage up here in the next day or two and then a short film in the next month.

I'm heading down to check out some of the bike comps. They had a helicopter out there this morning drying the dirt jumps. I'm sure the sun is helping. It's party cloudy, warm and gorgeous. Hope to see a bunch of locals out today for beer, music, and extreme sport fun!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Rivers are high and kayakers are stoked

The river's high and the kayakers are psyched. The Black Bear hole was packed today with kayakers practicing and taking Jackon Kayak clinics. I watched cars with kayaks on top drive up and down the canyon, likely running the river and/or checking out the roadside drops. In fact, tomorrow kicks off with the Adam Barron Memroial South Saint Vrain Creek Race, during which two world champs Tao Berman and Scott Shipley are going to be going head to head.

The day is also full of dog competitions, additional kids and amateur kayak comps and slalom races, dirt jump comps, and clinics and exhibitions in kayaking, chainsaw carving, skateboarding, and fly fishing. Temps are supposed to be in the low 70s, with a chance of showers. So bring your sunscreen and your rain coats. There's beer, music, and thousands of dollars worth of cool outdoor equipment stuff that will be auctioned and raffled off. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games - FRIDAY 6/12 Schedule

10AM - Jackson Kayak clinic - Black Bear Hole
Chain Saw Carving Exhibition - Meadow Park

4PM - Kayak Pro Free Style Prelims – Black Bear Hole
Skateboard Comp - Kurt Carlson Skate Park

5PM - Oskar Blues Beer Tent Open & Kickoff BBQ Includes Live Music - Sandstone Park

8PM - Yellow Designs Stunt Team Bike Trial Demo - Sandstone Park

Check out the entire Schedule of Event for Friday, Saturday & Sunday HERE.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games gets press

As we approach opening day, the Games are getting a lot of press. Check out this Denver Post article, and this Rocky Mountain Sports article. Watch for a Boulder Daily-Camera article, two pieces in the Lyons Recorder, and two in the Berthoud Recorder.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Laughing Grizzly to teach fly fishing 101 classes at Lyons Outdoor Games

LYONS, CO (May 4, 2009)– Laughing Grizzly to teach its biggest classes at June 12-14 Smith Optics Lyons Outdoor Games, presented by Oskar Blues

Longmont-based fly fishing shop, Laughing Grizzly, is running its most expanded fly fishing course for beginner and novice fishers at the 7th Smith Optics Lyons Outdoor Games, presented by Oskar Blues.

The Lyons Outdoor Games is the Town of Lyon’s annual extreme sports event. It includes competitions and races in kayaking, mountain and BMX biking, and skateboarding, and clinics and exhibitions in everything from fly-fishing to chainsaw carving. Organizers of the event decided to expand the fly-fishing component of the event this year, and Laughing Grizzly took the bait and ran with it. They will be doing a basic “fishing 101 class,” said Mike Kruise, co-owner of Laughing Grizzly.

“This is our first time doing anything like this for the masses,” he added. The class includes a casting and line control clinic, stream ecology, bug life, what flies to use, and an on the water presentation. Kruise hopes to really involve the audience/participants in the clinics.

Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop is owned and operated by Kruise and Scott Bley. They grew up fishing local waters, including the St. Vrain, the Big Thompson, the Cache La Poudre, and the lakes and streams of Rocky Mountain National Park. For more information, please contact Kruise at

Camping for the Lyons Outdoor Games will be available in Meadow Park. To register online please go to If you have any questions please call Lyons Parks and Recreation at 303-823-8250 or email

Lots of free stuff to be auctioned and raffled off at the 7th annual Smith Optics Lyons Outdoor Games, presented by Oskar Blues

Kokatat Destination has donated a bunch of stuff (just a few items are pictured here.) The Greenbriar Inn, which is just a few minutes from Lyons, donated some gift certificates (their food is awesome, and they have a wine selection that numbers in teh thousands!) Fluid Whitewater Boats donated a boat; Immersion Research has donated a Spray Skirt; JJ Booksh donated a 90-minute massage; Jackson Kayaks has donated a kayak; Cronin Jewelers donated a gorgeous ring. I'll post more stuff tomorrow. There's also a load of stuff coming in from our other sponsors: Kelty, Sierra Designs, Spot Bikes, Elevation Outdoors magazine, Montbell, and many others.

June 7th DJ/Skills Park Dig Day

We had a good turnout to knock out more of the skills park work that needed to get done in preparation for the Lyons Outdoor Games. Thanks to everyone that came out, the progress over the past 2 weeks has been unbelievable. We got to Dig & we got to's a taste.

Thanks again for every one's support over the last few weeks, hope to see you this weekend at the games.
This weekend is going to be OFF THE HOOK! Check out the Schedule HERE.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

South Saint Vrain Class V kayaking video, The Narrows

Cool video of the Class V drops and rapids of the South Saint Vrain River, Lyons, Colo. World champion kayakers will be racing down this river at next week's Lyons Outdoor Games.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dig & Ride - Dirt Jump/Skills Park this SUNDAY

The Lyons Bike park is nearly done!

Come out this Sunday and help put the finishing touches on the Bike park up in Lyons, and don't forget your bike! Digging, riding, and refreshments are all on the agenda. Call Glenn with any questions: 303.823.8100


Our efforts to build a world-class bike park in Boulder have encouraged other similar parks, including our neighbors to the north in Lyons.

The Lyons Bike Park design is approved and ready to build. The park, located very close to the Lyons end of the Picture Rock Trail, will feature a pump track, natural terrain loop, BMX rollers, tabletops, jumps, and more. The budget is tiny, but the fun factor promises to be huge.

The team will need volunteers for final shaping, including a handful of experienced rider/builders to lead work groups. Construction is set to begin in the next couple weeks, and the park should be rocking for the Lyons Outdoor Games, June 12-14. For more information, check out

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting down to the wire

The Lyons Outdoor Games is less than two weeks away, and the town's dozens of volunteers are cranking along. The Lyons Bike Park (new public pump track) is nearly finished, and the other sites are being readied.
In addition to the tons of sponsors we already have on board, we are pleased to announce Whole Foods is donating fresh fruit for all volunteers and competitors. Plus, we've welcomed Elevation Outdoors Magazine on board as our media sponsor. They are bringing tons of mags to the event, as well as goodie bags and donations for the auction.
Check out the blog next Monday for a complete list of all the fantastic auction items we will have at the Games. Also check in the next few days for the South Saint Vrain video, an article on World Champion kayaker (and Lyons local) Scott Shipley, as well as other news of the Games!

This blog sponsored by Lyons Outdoor Games

Lyons Bike Park, Boulder County's first public pump track

Boulder County to get its first mountain bike/BMX pump park in Lyons, Colo.

With significant help from local sponsors, designers, and a lot of volunteers, the Town of Lyons, Colo., is building Boulder County’s first pump park in time for its 7th annual Smith Optics Lyons Outdoor Games, presented by Oskar Blues, held June 12-14. The three-day event includes various extreme biking and kayaking competitions, as well as demos and comps in other sports, from skateboarding to fly fishing.

“The new pump park will add an exciting mountain biking component to the Games,” stated Lyons’ Parks and Recreation Director Dave Cosgrove. “Now bikers will be able to go really big. The jumps will send them flying. It should be thrilling for both competitors and spectators.”

The pump park will also open the door for local and regional bikers of all skill sets to hone their skills prior to hitting the nearby open space trails, he added. Located within town limits in Bohn Park, it will combine aspects of dirt jump riding, skills riding, and a pump track. Parts of it, including the practice loop, will be rideable year round because it will incorporate the native Sandstone of the area, donated by Lyons-based Blue Mountain Stone.

Lee McCormack, founder of Pump Track Nation, designed the course. “This kind of park hasn’t been done,” he stated. “The inclusion of natural terrain and materials makes it unique.” Parks in other areas of the country often utilize bridges, but in Colorado riders must contend with riding over rocks.

“This park is being created specifically for fun’s sake, but also to help people enjoy the local riding,” McCormack explained. He has spent hours actually recreating some difficult sections of local trails, utilizing his own experiences on those trails and measurements he took.

The pump park, says Glenn Bell, owner of Lyons-based Bitterbrush Cycles and one of the course’s main advocates, will be a boon to the town’s recreational offerings. “We can have more competitions other than the Lyons Outdoor Games, generate a lot of fun, and maybe get people to stay in Lyons and shop.”

Bell initiated the creation of the pump park soon after opening his shop. He soon got the Town on board, enlisted the help of McCormack, and less than a year later, it is now a reality.

“It’s going to be a place anyone can ride and have a great time,” Bell said, enthusiastically.

“It’s just another great collaborative effort in Lyons that truly highlights what our parks department is capable of accomplishing with very few resources,” Cosgrove added.

The town will be holding bike clinics at the park, as well as competitions. For more information, please visit the, or contact Dave Cosgrove at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fly Fishing in Lyons

Water levels in the St Vrain are still pretty high, so past advice still holds: fish the soft water on the edges and behind midstream obstructions using nymphs such as the Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear and Copper John trailing a pink or purple San Juan Worm. While hatching insects may be rare, you may see Blue Wing Olives or Pale Morning Duns- match the hatch with an appropriate pattern or a Parachute Adams.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lyons Bike Park Is A Go!

Thanks to everyone that showed up to make the bike park build day such a success. We had about 40 people show up to help get this thing whipped into shape. We managed to get the pump track in place and burned in, two of the table tops formed and the second ramp for the big jumps built. Not to mention all of the fun we all had riding the park. Thanks so much to Lee McCormack, Lefthand Excavating, Dave Cosgrove, BMA, Yellow Designs, Hatrock Excavating and everyone that showed up!