Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lyons kids kayaking, river update, October Hole, & mountain bike update of Hall Ranch and Picture Rock Trail

Lyons Kids kayaking program

More than a half dozen kayakers were out at the October Hole today, including a couple kids from Berthoud. In fact, Jason Beausoleil is currently teaching a group of kids from Lyons, Berthoud, and elsewhere how to kayak, and two of the Lyons locals--Garett and Keagan Parker--are "picking things up so fast that they are going to be joining the cadet rodeo this June at the Lyons Outdoor Games." Cool!

The Town of Lyons has actually started a club that has signed up seven kids so far. They have been doing pool sessions in Longmont, and "the kids have been working hard and having a blast," says Beausoleil. "Some of them have learned to roll their kayaks upright already in just a few lessons--a skill that takes some adults months or years to learn!" The Town will be starting the program outdoors on Tuesday May 12th, and it will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7 p.m. The kids will be learning all skills to navigate and control there kayaks. They work on strokes and fundamentals, boat control, self rescue techniques, and of course how to roll the kayak. For more information, visit the Town of Lyons Website.

I'll put photos of the kiddos on the blog in the next few days.

River Update

According to local kayaker and last year's Lyons Outdoor Games organizer Adam Schwartz, "The October Hole is "not loopable." I'm expecting more of a report from Adam later this evening.

Mountain Biking Update

According to Dave Chase at Redstone Cyclery, conditions on Hall Ranch and the first part of the Picture Rock Trail are excellent. He and the Tuesday night posse of hardcore Lyons residents (and friends) had a great time last night.


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