Friday, April 24, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games update: pump track, sponsors, bike and kayak races, etc...

More than a dozen volunteers met to discuss the Lyons Outdoor Games last night at our fearless leader's house (Reed Farr). We discussed the South Saint Vrain creek race. Front Range resident and pro kayaker Kyle McCutchen, who was in attendance and who is helpling out with the Games, said the SSV is "world class" and is psyched to race in the creek boat race this year. "Hopefully water levels are high!" he added.

Good news on the bike front, all the plans are ready and supplies have been acquired and/or promised for the construction of the new pump park, according to Glenn over at Bitterbrush Cycles (the local bikeshop owner who spearheaded the building of the park). More news on that to come next week. If you want to volunteer building the pump park, please contact Dave Cosgrove at davec @ or stop in and see Glenn.

Other good news. We've got 30 sponsors on board now. Despite the recession, companies are recognizing that the possibilities with the Lyons Outdoor Games are endless. It is exciting to have these folks on board. We're looking for more local sponsors. If interested, please contact Dave at the email address above.

This blog sponsored by the Lyons Outdoor Games, Lyons, Colorado.

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