Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lyons weather, outdoor activities, and other musings

Today temps will reach in the 80s here in sunny Lyons, Colo. From my front porch, I enjoy a stellar view of a large swath of Hall Ranch open space. The sprawling landscape is just turning green, the frogs are going nuts in the numerous ponds that have formed in the old quarries, and the birds have started their dueling songs (my territory, no mine, ooo look a worm, I need to get some action...).

Despite the heavy rainfall over the past weekend, things are drying up quickly around here. I'll be out running Hall Ranch later this afternoon, chasing some of my friends as they bike up the steeper, technical sections (click here for info on this fabulous mountain bike/running trail).
According to Dave Chase, owner of Lyons' own Redstone Cyclery, there are some muddy spots, but the riding's good. I stole a couple photos off his website ... To see more photos, read his musings, and find out general trail conditions in the area visit his Redstone Cyclerly blog.

The river is raging, loudly. It puts me to sleep at night, like white noise. I haven't seen any kayakers yet, but I'm sure they're going to be hitting the water as soon as they realize how raging it is. For information on the Lyons playpark, click here. I'll try to get some information on local conditions to post here over the next few days. Until then, happy spring days!
-Lizzy Scully
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