Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More results Dog Competition and Chainsaw Carving

Dog Competition Results

1. Houligan (Owner: Ashley Ahrens, Lyons, CO)
2. Siler (Owner: Alli Bozeman, Lyons, CO)
3. Jessi (Owner: Ryan & Jayne, Boulder, CO)
4. Cody (Ryan & Jayne, Boulder, CO)

Dirt Jump
1. Matt Cordova
2. Honorable mention Nick Simcick who landed a back flip after many attempts.

Pump Track
1. John Watt
2. Brandon Turman
3. Will Mc

Chainsaw Carving Comp
1st Place Steve Higgins – Native American and an eagle
2nd Place Joe Hense – Mountain Lion and an Eagle

More photos to come later this week.

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