Monday, June 15, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games Short Track Bike results

This year's Lyons Outdoor Games bike events were a big success with large crowds and plenty of talent.

According to Chad Melis of Oskar Blues, there were 17 participants for the bike short track race.

"It was our first event and there was a national event occurring the same weekend in Colorado Springs, but despite that we thought it was a success," Melis stated. "Racers really liked the course, and most asked if we would have additional short track and cyclocross events in the future. The terrain behind the Lyons High School is great for these sorts of races. We hope this event was something we can build on." The race earned the Town of Lyons about $200 and cost nothing to run because of volunteer efforts.

The dirt jump comp, he added, also went really well. "We had some really high quality jumpers there. The crowd was excited about it. It translated to a good event." For more information on the Dirt Jump comp, please revisit the blog tomorrow. I have posted one video of the event today.

Short Track Race Results:

Men's A (6 Laps)
1. Michael Hosey = $65
2. Brian Fuentes = $35
3. Chad Melis
4. Sean Madson
5. Neil Miner
6. Josh Kravitz
7. Zach White
8. Tim Leahy
9. Dan Farrell

Women's A (5 Laps)
1. Dellys Starr = $25
2. Jen Gersbach = $15
3. Monique Hein
4. Kim Pardoe

Men's B (5 Laps)
1. Scott Hicar
2. Hippie Dave Gardiner
3. Dylan Donohoe
4. Doug Mers

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