Monday, June 15, 2009

Lyons Outdoor Games 2009 a big success--PHOTOS

Marty Cronin and Scott Young chat with kayakers about the course. Watch for more photos of Boater X later this week.

The new Lyons Bike Park will help train future Lyons Outdoor Games competitors.

Maya Bassford and Ignacio Fleishour participate in the river cleanup sponsored by Lyons-based catering company, A Spice of Life. Dan Bruckner, company owner, sponsored a delicious, fresh food breakfast for people who participated. He also sponsored the zero-waste aspect of the event, along with Scott Young, of local company, Blue Sky Mortgage.

A helicopter was brought in to dry the pump track and dirt jumps for the comp. It worked.

Steven Wright brightened everyone's day with his superb skills (he won the pro-freestyle kayak event) and his constant smile.

LOG short track competitors readying for the race.

The chainsaw carving event was one of the newest and coolest events of the Games. The detail on these carvings were awesome. I had no idea these guys were so incredible. Kudos to Bongo Love for putting this aspect of the Games together. I'll put more photos up later this week.

Adam, Amy, AJ Schwartz and mom. Amy and Adam organized the Games in 2008 and the Canine Cannonball in 2009.
Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors for promoting such a great event!

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