Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet footage of the Adam Barron Memorial South Saint Vrain Creek Race

The day is gorgeous, and the Games got a jump start this morning with sunshine and a lot of psyched athletes. Thanks to Ideal Market for supplying the fresh, organic apples and bananas that helped the athletes and volunteers start their morning right.

A few hundred people are lining the shores of our ponds for the Canine Cannonball (look for photos Monday, Tuesday), and the kayaking kicked off with a fantastic, exciting race. Plenty of locals (Lyons-Boulder-Denver area) competed (go Scott Young!) alongside the likes of Tao Berman. Berman said he had just come out of a bout with mono, but that didn't stop him from charging down the river. Fun stuff to watch. I got some sweet footage of him from the top of the Oskar Blues bus (don't tell). Yeehoo. I should have some video footage up here in the next day or two and then a short film in the next month.

I'm heading down to check out some of the bike comps. They had a helicopter out there this morning drying the dirt jumps. I'm sure the sun is helping. It's party cloudy, warm and gorgeous. Hope to see a bunch of locals out today for beer, music, and extreme sport fun!


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