Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 DJ/Skills Park Upgrade for Lyons Outdoor Games

The Town of Lyons has been working with Lee McCormack from Lee Likes Bikes and Yellow Designs Stunt Team to make The Lyons DJ/Skills Park a unique and one of the most promising parks in the state! It will have a natural terrain area with step ups, step downs, and an awesome pump track.

Below is a general schedule of the plan, please notice & let us know if you are interested in participating in the volunteer days below in Bold:

Week of May 18-22:

All materials delivered - Locations marked. Ready to build.

Week of May 25-29:

Area A: Place and shape main hill & Jumps, rollers/jumps/slalom.

Brian Gavagan and the Yellow Designs Stunt Team will be there May 26-29 to build the wooden lips, help finish the dirt work and test the trick jumps. Brian is setting the schedule with his guys. They will help however they can. ***Photo op for P.R.*** The more we have in place when these guys show up, the better!!!

Area B: Start placing dirt/rock on small hill, pump track, natural terrain loop. Get as far as possible on this, focusing on LHE placing the rock. Multiple equipment crews would be ideal, so we can double-team.

Weekend of May 30-31:

Volunteer work/ride day(s). Hopefully minimal sweeping/shaping/massaging. We will plan this day based on where we are. Barn Burner After Party!

Week of June 1-5:

Finish building small hill, pump track, natural terrain loop. Final tweaks.

Get people to ride as much as possible.

Weekend of June 6-7:

Work/ride days. The park should be built by now. These sessions should be mostly riding and community building.

For more info please contact Glenn at
Bitterbrush Cycles
324 Main Street
Lyons, CO

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