Thursday, May 28, 2009

More photos and May 27 update from

The limiting factor has been getting enough dirt to the site. You can’t imagine how stoked I was to see this monster from Left Hand Excavating. What the City of Lyons trucks can move in a full day, this baby moves in one load. Game on!

This is how the pros build big jumps: Scooter moves the dirt. Jake checks the elevations with his computerized voodoo tool. Scooter adjusts accordingly. Then, Brandan Turman — local DJ riding/building stud — shapes a narrow section in the middle of the lip by hand …… and Scooter copies that shape across the entire lip (in about one minute).

Brandan, Sam, John and Dom spend a few hours ultra-fine-tuning, packing and watering — and bam: You have a very sweet step-up that will get half the kids in Lyons doing backflips. For the Lyons Outdoor Games, a wooden takeoff will be placed in front of the lip you see. HUGE!

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