Friday, May 1, 2009

World Champion kayaker and Smith Optics/Jackson Kayak athlete Ruth Gordon to compete in Lyons Outdoor Games

The folks at Smith Optics just notified me that Ruth Gordon will be both competing at this year's Lyons Outdoor Games and running a Paddle Pink clinic. Check out the blog in late May for an interview with Ruth and more information on her clinic. To read more you can visit Ruth's Website.
Excerpt and photo taken directly from Ruth Gordon's Website...

Ruth is known among fellow kayakers as having great style and finesse. ‘Where a lot of men can muscle through the moves, in general, women lack the brute strength and therefore have to have good technique.’ Her whitewater skills are matched only by her passion for the sport and her desire to impart her knowledge and ability to others. Born and raised near the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada, Ruth has been kayaking for over 10 years and is currently the World Champion.

- Canadian Freestyle Kayak Committee (CFKC) Board Member

- Kayak Instructor since 2002

- International Kayak Guide: Chile, Mexico, Norway

- Featured athlete in Kayak Instructional Series (whitewater and sea kayaking)

- Other interests: hiking, mtn biking, sea kayaking, swimming, snowboarding, traveling, disk golf, yoga and playing with my dog Fiji

‘Ruth Gordon was the girl to beat looking like a computer model of what a freestyle boater should look like on the wave. Ruth was smooth as silk, and as effective at nailing one move after the next as a gymnast in a well practiced routine.’ – Eric Jackson, Four-time World Champion

‘Ruth Gordon what a display of style and finesse!! Ruth dominated the women’s class throughout the Canadian Cup with aerial blunts and back stabs.’ – Tanya Shuman

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