Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike Report from Dave Chase

I stole this off Dave Chase's blog.

Tuesday Ride 5/12
It has been described by some as tough jeep road climbs with hiking thrown in combined with fun, steep and technical flowy descents. It has been described by others as having climbs that make you feel like you were punched in the stomach and want to vomit combined with descents hair raisingly steep and rocky.

However you slice it, Left Hand Canyon OHV area offers up a unique experience. I mean, heck, if the views are top notch and the descending is good enough that local dh'ers push their bikes up to come down the singletrack, it's worth hitting.

Bike shop at 5:30pm and the LHC parking lot at 6ish. We'll be at the lower pullout on the lefthand (south) side of the road just below the main jeep road entrance.

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