Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12 Lyons River Report, by Matt Booth

I paddled the Play Park today. I would guess the flow to be about 160 in town. The Black Bear hole was amazing (as usual). You can surf all day and do left and right spins ad nauseam. Very low angle cart wheels are possible. The A-Hole is amazing. The new river right wing is really focusing the waters energy into the center of the pile. The hole is nicely retentive and steep enough for my first completed air loop of the season. The hole is much better at these lower flows than in years past and looks as though it will be nice and juicy at higher flows. I went to look at the new gage we made for SSV (Thanks To Arn) It is at negative 3 inches. (Down 3 inches from 4 days ago). A rough guess of a decent flow is 6 inches. That's all I got.

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